Our Family Promise

by the Greenberg Family
1. Our God is the God of Israel. Our Eternal Salvation is found in His Son, Messiah Yeshua.
2. Dad is the head of this family. Mom is his partner. Their relationship is sacred.
3. Each child is a gift from God and together, we are better than a team, we are a family.
4. Each person is unique in our family and we choose to customize our family according to the gifts and callings of God on our lives. 
5. Our home is our sacred space. Being presence-driven is ultimately more desirable than only being purpose-driven.
6. Our TLV Family Bible is the foundation of our belief system and the actual roots of our family tree. 
7. We believe that "worship, pray, give, serve and gather" are the keys to activating our faith and changing the world.
8. Our family protects each other and does not tear one another down, not even in jest. We remember that our relationships are both special and eternal. 
9. Our family enjoys helping others sacrificially, but not at the cost of hurting each other. 
10. Our dreams are precious to one another. What we build, we build together. If it does not glorify God, we do not pursue it. 
11. Every conflict resolution is handled directly, we don't gossip about one another or build alliances that divide our own family.
12. We would rather take a "time out" than to rush to judgement in any situation. Better to re-activate love than react negatively. 
13. There is always room in our Heavenly Father's House and ALL are welcome. 
14. Our homeland is Israel, her well-being is our sincere concern. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
15. Our national allegiance is unwavering, we value our own country's sovereignty, security and religious freedom.