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    TLV Endorsements

    Pastor Jack Hayford
    Jack Hayford Ministries

    Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
    Jewish Voice Ministries Int'l

    Pastor Robert Morris
    Gateway Church

    Rabbi Dan Juster
    Tikkun Int'l

    "The Tree of Life Version combines dignity with readability. It is faithful to the original text while speaking in contemporary language, and it is highly sensitive to Messianic Jewish distinctives while at the same time serving the larger needs of the body as a whole."
    Michael Brown, Ph.D.
    AskDrBrown Ministries
    "It is a joy to me to see an English translation of the scriptures which honors the translation practices of both Jewish and Christian traditions. With an overriding care for accuracy of translation, the translators have produced a translation which is reliable, easy to read, and understandable by readers from many faith traditions, while clearly deeply reflecting its Jewish heritage--not an easy task! I recommend the TLV for all who seriously want to know more about the 'Jewishness' of the scriptures--the freshness and vitality of the translation will invite the reader into a new appreciation of the 'God of all time.'"
    David Ross, Ph.D.,
    president, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics
    "When I read the TLV translation I found it refreshing and more than that, it was compelling. May God use it for his glory."
    Elmer L. Towns,
    cofounder and vice president, Liberty University

    Daniah Greenberg - Spokesperson

    Daniah Greenberg is the President of and spokesperson for the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Project (MJFB). Daniah, a wayward catholic, came to faith after a single visit to a Baptist Church. She graduated with a degree in Communications and married a “nice Jewish boy” named Mark Greenberg in 1989. They joined Congregation Shema Yisrael and in 1994, the Greenberg’s were commissioned to begin Messianic services in Syracuse, New York where they founded New Beth Israel Messianic Jewish Synagogue and shared Messiah there for 14 years. In 2005, Daniah began writing the popular Golden Apples Messianic Jewish Children’s Curriculum currently used in over 80 Messianic congregations in America. This led her to Messianic synagogues and conferences with her message of “a Messianic Family Bible” for the next generation of Messianic Youth in America.

    To schedule a interview with Daniah Greenberg, please contact us here!